Request a Test Proctor

How to Request and Schedule a Test Proctor

To request a test proctor, call or email the testing supervisor, Nancy Williams at 828.250.2353 or She will work with you to establish the testing reservation and location as well as other details. A test reservation must be made and paid for no later than seven days before the time the student is scheduled to take the test. The testing materials must arrive no later than 48 hours before the scheduled test.

At the time the student requests and pays for the service, contact information for the class instructor should be provided to the testing supervisor. Likewise, the testing supervisor will give contact information to the student to give to the class instructor or institution’s distance test coordinator.

Information about the charge for this service, how to request a proctor and the testing guidelines are listed below.

Who is eligible for this service?

We will administer tests to any campus student or Asheville community member enrolled in a class at any other institution. We will also administer tests for professional credentialing, as requested.

What kind of tests do you administer?

We will give tests in almost any format as per the requirements of the test. We can provide the proctor service for paper/pencil test, computer-based tests (PC) and web-based tests.

How much is charged for the proctor service?

For students enrolled in classes at any institution, the cost is $35 per test, up to two hours of time reserved for testing and $50 to reserve three hours of testing. Tests longer than 3 hours are $15 per extra hour needed. The rate is based on time reserved, not how much of that time is actually needed to complete the test. For professional licensure exams, the rates are set by and collected by the sponsoring testing agency.

What hours will testing be available?

Testing can generally be done 9 a.m.-9 p.m. (Monday-Saturday), but must be scheduled in advance.

How are test materials received by the proctor?

Materials can be sent via any standard or expedited mail service or electronically. Faxes will be accepted by special arrangement and if received clear and legible. The testing supervisor typically communicates with the on-line class teacher or designee in order to make shipping arrangements as well as to discuss any special instructions for proctoring the test.

How will test materials be returned after the test?

Test materials will be collected by the proctor at the end of the testing session and returned via the method preferred by the professor. Email, fax or USPS standard delivery will be provided at no additional charge. Any expedited mail service fees must be paid by the student.

What if the student does not show up for a test reservation?

No testing charges will be refunded, once a reservation is confirmed with payment. A student can reschedule a test one time for no additional fee and if he/she does not take a test, the testing fee is forfeited. The opportunity to reschedule is for UNCA staff and faculty only. The instructor of the class must grant permission to take the test at a later time. If the instructor does not approve a rescheduled testing time, the unused materials will be returned to the instructor and the proctor service charge will not be refunded.

What are the guidelines for UNC Asheville proctoring?

We will maintain professional testing standards and follow typical testing protocol. The testing supervisor has 20 years experience as a professional test administrator and will recruit and train proctors who will be responsible for providing the proper environment for testing. A proctor will be present at all times when the student is being tested.

Students taking a proctored test must: present valid photo identification and must provide any allowable equipment (calculators, tape recorders, pencils, reference books, etc.) for the test.